Foolishness, wisdom, and the self in between

2013-06-07 19:01:44 by Lagerkapo

I have found a truth, a wisdom, far beneath all of these details.

I endeavor to make it a truth which I can convey, here, upon you forth, so that it may find itself found in the sea of the host.

There is no truth but the self.

God is the eyes of the self seeing what they, on their lonesome, cannot see without somewhat of a something more than they.

There is no more to the truth than this; deviations thereof are simplistic forms of the truth manifest through individual forms.

I am no more than me; powerful as though I may be. There is no more to truth, for me, than that truth by which I may have by myself, for myself and of myself have found a real, and material connexion.

Your truth is different than mine; we have different expressions of the same source mind, but the mind is the true source of self and there is no source mind without the truth of selves, inherent within it and within and of ourselves though it yet may be.

All aside, you are your own mind, now see it for what it is and forget of me except that, I, for your mind, am a reminder.


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