Five minute story.

2010-08-08 18:51:42 by Lagerkapo

I hit the ground running. Well, it was more like the ground hit me. The portal closed behind me without a trace, but the bugs kept coming. Eating everything down to the fabric of reality, they wouldn't stop until nothing was left and they consumed one another and then themselves. Unless I could do something about it. What, I didn't know but I knew I had to do something.

I sent kill impulse after kill impulse at them, but they even ate psychic influence. There was nothing beyond the grasp of their etherial jaws. So I ran. I ran and ran and ran but they just kept coming. Then it hit me, what if I threw THE source at them? It was reckless, but anything else meant certain doom. So I opened the channel to the center of all existence, everything and nothing. Time stopped, perception faded in lieu of wholeness, stasis. So did the bugs. But what kind of victory was that? Frozen in perpetual chase, doom iminent the moment the impulse was released.

So I ran some more. They went at the source. Infinity consumed, nothingness remained. Nothing but me. God, now, in all respects. Everything was the result of my perception now, even the source, gone. So I created a new one. I sacrificed my essence in lieu of the same splintered infinity that spawned me. Once again, I was a part of a whole. Empty and hollow as it was.

Nothing remained yet, but the split infinity of the self. Then it occurred to me, this has happenned before. This is still happenning, this will never cease to be. I AM the timeless, I am nothing. Everything is me, I just had to lose it all to see.


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2010-08-17 21:02:36

Did you uh... Drop acid earlier?


2010-08-25 23:29:26

Did this just come to your mind, or did Salvia show you? I haven't done many hallucinogens in terms of variety, but this kinda reminds me of Sally D. Seems to fractal, or something, towards the end. It's a really neat thought to play with.

I think of "the source" in a similar way: God is everything, and everything is God. Lately I feel like it's as if he split "Himself" up, every aspect of His "mind" spanning across the cosmos in an endless spectrum that we experience as individuality. As a collective[of consciousness across the universe], we probably know everything about God. Individually, though, our perceptions of Him are limited to what we experience in life.

Here's a thought I like to toy with in my head from time to time. Maybe you'll find it amusing for a bit. Try imagining yourself in the dead-center of an otherwise empty sphere. This sphere has no seams, or flaws; it's surface, perfect. The inside surface is a two-way mirror all around. The outside is pure light. What do you, being in the center, see reflecting off the surface?

I can only imagine it being reality, or some alternate plane of existence you rule over. I tend to think the reflections(from you) concentrate themselves infinitely, mixing and matching into colors in unimaginable ways. With every move you make, even the slightest, the reflection changes exponentially. Whether it would be true, or not, it's still fun to try.

Lagerkapo responds:

You know, Sally showed me a glimpse of the nature of time several years back, however it's been over a year since I've communed with her.

I might suppose one would see whatever they create for themselves. Reality being will manifest in the first place such a sensory-deprivation-chamber type experience would most likely yield introspection and projection, especially if prolonged or indefinite.

One might find a universe in their hands, mayhaps.

Infinity is within.


2010-09-03 15:41:59

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